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Personal Trainer and Group Class Instructor

Job Title: Personal Trainer / Group Class Instructor

Location: 1900 E Military Ave, Suite 218 

City: Fremont

State: NE

Company: FITness Into A Lifestyle

Full-time/part-time: Part-time

Hours: 25-30

Hiring Manager: Gabby Skinner


Key attributes:



At FITness Into A Lifestyle, employees are at the heart of our mission and connection to customers. We are committed to you and your success! Please see below the details of this career opportunity and how it fits into our organization’s success.

Job Description:


  1. Conduct initial consultations to determine the readiness of all potential clients for exercise and physical activity.  

  2. The ability to communicate with any and all health care providers of potential and current clients such as medical professionals, physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, occupational therapist and others.

  3. Develop weekly exercise regimens for all clients taking into consideration their current fitness level and health history, modifying all when necessary.

  4. Help clients set SMART goals, modifying as needed, and providing ample motivation for completion of program. 

  5. Perform monthly fitness assessments on all clients to determine their current level of fitness and monitor progress holding all clients and the trainer accountable.

  6. The ability to lead all clients during training, supervising and educating client exercises for proper form and safety techniques. 

  7. Maintaining all records of client’s workout regimen with tracking of success or lack thereof.

  8. Educating clients in all aspects of health and wellness with the intention to help them learn training techniques and skills that can be utilized on an individual basis.

  9. Ability to answer client’s questions and act as a resource for client’s health and wellness needs.

  10. Trainer will work directly with clients in a 1-on-1, group training, and various group class settings. 


Want someone who is/has:


Willing to learn

Goal driven

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Passion for health and wellness


Education / Certification Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED


Additional Qualifications:

Currently Enrolled or Degree in Health Sciences, Exercise Science, Nursing, Nutrition, or other health and wellness related programs.


Currently holds or working towards certificate in personal training, health and wellness coaching, group class instructor, or other training related categories.


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