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FITlife Barre

In this class you will use isometric movements of specific muscles, all done at high reps and with small range-of-motions. The major benefits of Barre are improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced stress. 
With it's unique combination of ballet and yoga, you will create a deep burn and stretch to all major muscle groups each class. Each class will also follow the sequence of warm up, sculpt the arms, tone the thighs, lift the seat, flatten the abs and cool down. All levels are welcome for this class!


A powerful, energetic, quick flowing class that is suitable for all levels. The class will have a strong focus on breath, strength, and balance. Each class is carefully sequenced around sun salutations and will build up to strength poses and link movement to breath.
Yoga Flow torches calories, tones and strengthens your body, and clears your mind. You will leave with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. This class will challenge you to unlock your inner strength and discover your personal power. All levels are welcome!

FITlife Camp

This class is a 60 minute workout combining cardio, core and resistance training exercises to maximize fat burned. These exercises are set up in a circuit style format where regardless, man or woman, you will be able to customize your workout to your ability encouraging each participant to work at their own pace. All together, each class will bring something new to the table, eliminating burn out and boredom!

Chair Yoga

A gentle form of yoga that is practiced from a chair or standing with the support of a chair. This is a great class for those that cannot perform the regular yoga class, maybe due to knee issues, arthritis or other varying health concerns. Chair yoga is taught as a way to improve physical and mental well being. Although it is known as a practice for the aging or one's with disabilities, it is a great form of yoga for everyone as it deepens flexibility and strengthens personal body awareness/balance. If you have been seeking a light and effective exercise class, this class is for you! All abilities are welcome, once again.


The combination of indoor and outdoor exercises set to the traditional style of military bootcamp. During this class we focus on strength training of the entire body and different variations of cardiorespiratory work. To accomplish these goals we use "hardy" equipment, such as, tractor tires and logs. This workout is intense and high pace, but as all classes every exercise can be modified to each participant. If you are looking for a form of exercise that varies every class and targets all areas of the body in 60 minutes, this class is for you!

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