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Gabby Skinner - Personal Trainer and Owner

As a graduate of the University of Nebraska - Omaha with a degree in Physical Education-Exercise Science, Gabby has spent 4.5 years obtaining knowledge and devoting time towards making individual’s look and feel their best from the inside out.  This background has helped her develop a passion to assist those looking to enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing to an overall better life.   FITness Into A Lifestyle is a way for her to continue using that knowledge and expertise to help people not only become healthier individuals, but something they can continue to build on throughout their lifetime.    


FITness Into a Lifestyle is a business intended to work for you in a different way than many other trainers. To do this, we take you out of the over-crowded intimidating gym and offer all services in the comfort of your own home or at our private in-home gym.  With our background and experience, we help set you apart from other client's by providing you with the time, convenience, motivation, and exercises needed to obtain your goals. Not only will FITness Into A Lifestyle make you look and feel your best, but will find ways to connect with you personally to assure that we best understand you, even at your weakest moments. Personally, Gabby enjoys being active at all times while assisting those around her. Most of her greatest moments have happened with the help of someone’s assistance or extra push and she is determined to provide that same guidance for others.  These experiences have helped her determine the most efficient method and what is needed from a session to session basis to make this training most beneficial to you!


Ashley started with FITness Into A Lifestyle in July as a Nutritionist and a Group Class Instructor.  Ashley is a Certified Nutrition Specialist through NASM, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through ASFA, and a 200 hour Register Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance.  

Ashley came to this lifestyle through an autism diagnosis of her son in 2012.  She began researching things she could do to help him through this diagnosis and found a group of parents using an approach called "D.A.N!" which stands for Defeat Autism Now.  This approach took an alternative angle to treating autism from the inside out - looking mostly at the health of the child and their nutrition.  

Ashley worked closely with a local doctor, to help guide her through this program with her son, and she said this is what forever changed her life.  

Ashley said that the majority of her life she was overweight and was constantly on the yo-yo diet roller coaster.  Obesity runs in her family, so she figured she would just always be a bigger girl.  At her heaviest she was 233 pounds, was depressed and on multiple different prescriptions for different health concerns.  

Ashley began to follow this new alternative lifestyle, focusing on eating more natural foods and avoiding a lot of processed foods, along with my son, and she lost 75 pounds through the process and has have kept it off for over 5 years now, she was also able to get off all the medications she was on, and her son started speaking through this process, he lost a lot of his aggression and is now in the mainstream class room, and even better, he's healthy and happy.  This approach healed his digestive issues, skin issues and was able to get him off multiple medications he was on as well.  

Ashley became so passionate about this lifestyle, because of the transformation it did for both her son and herself, that she has made it her mission to help others along their healthy living journey.

At FITness Into A Lifestyle she will be offering one on one nutrition coaching & counseling, group classes, detoxes, as well as group fitness - including Kickboxing and Yoga.


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Provided to you by FITness Into a Lifestyle in Bennington, NE. | 402.459.1541 |  gabby@fitnessintoalifestyle.com.  

"Making FITness and health a way of life"