At FITness Into A Lifestyle we believe that nutrition is a huge part of your fitness and health journey.  Our mission is to educate you on the importance of nutrition, teach you about the best fuel for your body, but more importantly, we want to empower you to make the best choices when it comes to your health.  


We believe in balance and don't expect anyone to 100% give up any of the foods they love, but we really want to help make eating healthy a habit for you and become part of your lifestyle.


Our focus is more driven on the quality of your food verses the calories in your food.   We like to look at the bodies as a car, and we want to motivate you to put the best quality and cleanest fuel in your body in order to feel and do your best.  We would never dream of putting a poor quality gasoline in our high performance cars, and expect them to run efficiently.  We feel the same away about bodies.  We can't put poor quality fuel in and expect to feel or perform their best.   Our bodies were designed to eat foods that have very little processing, and that are high in nutritional value.  


At FITness Into a Lifestyle, we will hold your hand every step of the way, and teach you not just the information, but also tips and tricks to put these principles into action in your busy life.  Whatever your struggle may be when it comes to your nutrition journey, we have a solution to help you along the way.   We can meet just one time and learn about clean eating, or go more in depth in our weekly plans, or if you like accountability, we even have monthly plans to assist you on your journey.

No matter where you are on your journey, or what your goals are, we have a nutrition plan that will fit your needs!

Nutrition Services

Weekly Nutrition Plans

In our weekly plans, we have contact with each other once a week, meeting in person every other week, and having a coaching call on the opposite weeks.  These plans allow us to take a much slower and steady pace, really easing our way into a clean eating meal plan.  These plans are perfect for the beginner or for anyone overwhelmed by all the information out there on healthy eating.  The weekly plans go much more in depth than any of our other plans, covering things like emotional eating, stress, going grocery store shopping together, and even diving into meal prep and planning tied together with a cooking demonstration.  

Monthly Memberships

For the person who is more of a self lead person, we have monthly plans to help hold you accountable and to continue to learn along your way.  In our monthly plans, we meet one time and review all the information to set you up for success and set some goals.  Then we will meet once a month for a coaching session to follow up on our goals and answer any questions or struggles that came up over the month.  In our monthly plan, you will also receive a weekly email with nutrition resources, recipes and tips and tricks.  You also have the option for daily food log check ins with this plan as well.  

Clean Eating Challenges

This 21 day clean eating challenge is a chance for anyone to examine their eating habits in three progressive phases. What it is NOT is, a detox or a diet! We will examine water, veggies, fats, herbs/spices, fruits, proteins and grains consumption. In addition, we will also suggest items to refrain from while clean eating, such as sugar, alcohol, dairy and packaged foods.

Overall, the goal for this challenge is for every participant to experience a different way of eating, while feeling the energy and fullness that comes from whole foods! Each participant is encouraged to take the challenge at their own pace. Regardless if you are able to complete the challenge 100% for all 21 days, three or even seven days is better than none. Clean eating is a journey and should be taken one step at a time. This process will provide you tools and tips to help make it into a lifestyle change!

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Clean Eating Challenges

1.) When signing up for the 21 Day Challenge what were you hoping to gain? Dietary focus, energy, better sleep 

2.) Was this obtained? Yes!  

3.) Do/Did you feel that the challenge helped you to make a lifestyle change rather than just for the 21 days? Yes and no. I think my baseline is better than most... but I did not 100% keep my clean diet up 

4.) What was your biggest struggle? Eating out 

5.) What was your biggest success? Food planning and finding new recipes

6.) What other detox/cleanses/clean eating challenges or products have you tried in the past? A liver cleanse 

7.) Were they successful for you? Yup, I was having hives, really badly. I noticed when I used Tylenol my hives were worse. Did a liver cleanse, no more hives! 

8.) Lastly, what were your results with our 21 Day Challenge? I lost weight, had more energy, better skin and sleep. Decreased cravings, better digestion.

Kate Duncan

Fremont, NE

1.) When signing up for the 21 Day Challenge what were you hoping to gain? I was hoping to learn how to plan our meals to be more nutritious and was hoping to lose some weight.

2.) Was this obtained? Yes

3.) Do/Did you feel that the challenge helped you to make a lifestyle change rather than just for the 21 days?  Yes. Absolutely.

4.) What was your biggest struggle? Finding the food suggested

5.) What was your biggest success?  Adding fruits and more vegetables to our everyday meals

6.) Any other comments or remarks? I will take this challenge again in the future.   It feels great to eat cleaner foods.

Jan Noyd

Columbus, NE

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21 Day Clean Eating Challenge - $49

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