At FITness Into A Lifestyle we want to give you all the tools needed to achieve your fitness goals and we do so in a variety of different ways:

           Personal Training

The development and implementation of an individualized approach to exercise. This one on one interaction with a FITness Into A Lifestyle Trainer is a way to maximize your results and to start achieving and surpassing your fitness goals. Personal training is a way to:

  • keep your workouts forever changing

  • decrease burnout 

  • keep accountability high

  • turn one's weaknesses to strengths

  • teaching one the principles of exercise needed for life

            Group Training
A way of exercising with your friends, family, or colleagues to increase motivation and energy to encourage each client beyond their normal limits. These trainings are also customized to each group based on their specific fitness level.
            Geriatric Training

Training designed to provide fitness to elderly individuals to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. This training helps focus on reducing such common traits as immobility, instability, joint pain and impaired memory. Overall, prolonging or regaining their ability to complete Activities of Daily Life (ADL) without assistance of any kind.

           Boot Camps


Bootcamps are designed for all ages.  This type of training is an outdoor group fitness class designed to get you fit and motivated to stay in shape. This approach combines a variety of activities such as interval training, circuits, tire flipping, and team exercises in a fun and intense exercise style.

           Sport Specific


This form of training is specific to your sport specialty. A FITness Into A Lifestyle trainer will develop your program based on the muscles used during this sport activity and on the movements made with these muscles. By conditioning these muscles and movements athletes are guaranteed to see maximum results during competition.

           Health Coaching


An in-depth way to enhance all results. This form of coaching looks at all aspects that constitute a healthy or FITness lifestyle, which then by using your goals and values a FITness Into A LIfestyle coach can suggest ways to a healthier you. 

These aspects are:

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness level

  • Sleep

  • Current level of behavior change

            Corporate Wellness

A method of group training that allows corporate groups to train with a focus on promoting physical activity, improving overall health, and increasing energy.   The program not only increases the health of those participating, but also can decrease costs for the business owner.   

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"Making FITness and health a way of life."

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"Making FITness and health a way of life"